Monday, May 12, 2008

constructive conflict todays meeting

We had a great staff meeting today. I cannot put an exact reason as to what it is that makes one staff meeting better than another. Other than the obvious of how the meeting goes. But what is it that makes me feel like we are better off as a team because of how the staff meetings are is elusive. It has to do with the attitudes of the attendants my staff in this case and that dwells in human nature which is inconsistent. Anyways today I talked about the three things that make an effective work group. I was challenged that it is the same thing that I have said before. But it is repetition that people learn from, and did point out the next step to creating an effective work group.
here are the first three steps:
1.Create a sense of structure and organization, a sort of this is what we do and this is how we do it.
2.create a sense dependency, I depend on my staff to do the work, and they depend on me to keep the business running.
3.Create a sense of inclusion, making everyone feel that they are accepted as team members.
this is what I have be teaching to my staff for several years. I introduced the fourth step last year but with drew it and went back to the first three. Honestly step one is the hardest to do. And my team works the hardest with step one. As for step four.
4. Constructive conflict, conflict is exposed dealt with and quickly put to bed, it is considered where the real growth of the group happens. Our trust for one another increases after a moment of conflict, as long as the other three things are real.
And this is as far as I have come with team building, there is a long road ahead, but we try every day to improve our team building skills, why? Because an effective work group will out perform any ordinary group in any market.



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