Thursday, May 8, 2008

more great cabinets

We wrapped up two jobs today, a61 and c74. I haven't seen a61 but I Will tomorrow and I am very excited about that. I worked on c74 today. C74 came out beautifully. I tried some new things and I am very pleased with the results. you can see from the photo, my favorite part is the shapes that come out from the cabinet at the top center. Particularly the way they seem to sprout from the face frames of the open shelving units, we call them unit fours in our shop. that is something new and i really love the interest it creates. The second best favorite thing for me is something that isn't quite apparent from the photo it is the finish. The paint job cam out spectacular, people can't believe that it is wood. It is more than that though. Their is something going on with the moldings and how perfectly straight they are and how that makes the depth of the moldings so apparent. IT isn't just about straight face frames and panel frames it is also the quality of the moldings themselves and how their consistency gives the cabinet a quality that is almost intangible. This cabinet is a fine example of how my team has learned what to do to make the moldings give a piece life. What needs to be remembered here is that different people built and painted and installed this cabinet, not just one person a team of trained people working together built this cabinet, each one knowing what to do and where to stop to let the next person take over. There is much more of this type of cabinet to come as job b67 is very similarly designed. I feel like this is the beginning of a style of cabinets. One other thing that I really like about this cabinet is the crown molding. IT is a two piece crown, I made the bottom piece myself and it is unique to my operation, it also brings life to a ordinary crown that runs through out the room, furthermore it helps out with handling the discrepancies in the ceiling being out of level. It worked very well and was everything I hoped for.



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