Tuesday, April 22, 2008

installing at last!!!!

Today I went to work with an excitement. I have not done any installing since c66, which I think was about a month ago. I really love the installation part of my work. It is when I get to see how engineering and production come together. Gagan and I went out together to a75. I felt like a race horse at the start of the race, I had some pent up installing. I have much more installing to do this week, so I should get my fill. Gagan and I had a successful day at a75 all is complete except some baseboard which will go in on Thursday. a75 is a great example of what my business is best at, fast turn around. a75 is a closet bit of cabinetry that was built, painted and installed all in less than 5 days. that is 3 cabinets one of which is a very funky shoe rack, a couple of panels and five closet rods with kleating. It also again shows how the players of my team will over lap with one another to get a job pushed through the shop quickly, with out losing pace with it's existing obligations.
tomorrow first thing in the morning I'll be making a new knife for a33. I think I mentioned yesterday that a33 has sprung on us another rush job. Esteban built the doors today and tomorrow Ventura will start to apply the molding that he will make tomorrow.
B67 is going very well, that job has an elliptical bench which is taking shape. The fact that we are building this bench and table allow us to make sure that the sizing is correct and the final look is seemless. I think that this bench will be a prominent piece in our portfolio. The entire bit of cabinetry will be the finest we have ever made. It incorporates some of the best things that we have done over the past several years.
After installing today I had to put my daily coat of oil on a teak counter top that I am making for a client. The wooden counter tops are one of my favorite things to do. I really love putting on the finish. There is something about smoothing down between coats with steel wool and then applying an even coat. I've been doing that for years and it never dulls. It is like slowly bringing the beauty out of the wood over about 6 days. Each day you put another coat on the wood it reaches another level of quality. The texture that the grain has is what really turns me on, it has pores that create dark shadows with in the natural tone. It makes me think of something one of my old employers used to say. When I was working as a cabinet maker on the schooner Larinda I did alot of oil finishing, and my boss said "We want it to look so good, that is makes you want to take a bite out of it". And this clients counter top looks that good, I am jealous of this man because he is getting one gorgeous top. It's being installed this week and I'll let you know how it goes.



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