Thursday, April 24, 2008

new foos ball handles

The teak top went very well, I was actually surprized by how smoothly it went. Both of my installs this week went smooth. the teak top and a75. I only have one install next week but that could change. For now it is a set of bi-fold doors at a33. Apperently the property changes hands on monday so that could get interesting. I am hoping that the new owners still want thier bi-fold doors and I will get a chance to meet them and then be able to build theier wet bar and hopefully build more cabinetry.
Gagan continued his work on the bench for b67. Esteban also started his work on b67 this week. Already some of the cabinets are in primer stage hanging out idle in the finishe dgoods area. Next week we'll be full throttle on b67 and probally the week after that. We are going to need paint colors before to long on that job.
I am thinking about taking down a wall in my shop. If I do so I will increase my floor plan by 1000 feet. My main production area will be an enormouus rectangle, it rival the best shops.
After work today I spent an hour and a half making new foos ball handles for my foosball table. I turned them on the lathe, what fun that is.



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