Wednesday, May 7, 2008

installing c74

today we started the install of job c74. It went ok, it could have gone smoother. I started later than I wanted too today. We got loaded up and were on the job by 10am. I spent a good deal of time preparing for the install yesterday. I broke the install down into two days. one of the big upsets was that I forgot a very important detail. Shortly into the job the client asked me how the color of the back panel looked. right then I remembered for the first time in several weeks that I agreed to paint those back panels different colors. So the two unit fours in the job had to have the backs stripped and brought back to the shop for repainting. It didn't hold things up that much as those who follow this know last minute changes are no problem hear. I was able to shift somethings around, like I installed the base board today instead of tomorrow I did some of the crown. tomorrow morning I'll start with the doors and drawers, and do the unit fours and rest of the crown in the afternoon. I'll bring Ventura with me to do the touch-up, he is the best at touch-up. We had a few other snafoos. The pedestals could have been 3/4" taller, we cut them down yesterday I am not sure why. And the depth of one of the cabinets was different than what I pulled of my PC. What happend there is that I had so many different versions of the cabinet drawn on the drawing file that I mistakenly took the wrong dimension. I also think that not putting the dimensions of the boxes on the plan made it difficult for the installer to figure-out the location of the pedestals and the front edge of the face frames which I like to draw on the plaster when I am doing the install. What would be helpful for the installer is to know the size of the boxes and the pedestals by looking at the plans. which can come from the PC but they need to be sure that they are getting the same dimensions as the bench man. I think that some kind of installation rules should be laid out in the plans. We can still keep all this info on the computer and hence forth be green. But just like a step one and step two and how the pedestals relate to the ceiling and the floor. It should be done in the engineering part of the job.



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