Saturday, April 26, 2008

Our best cabinets ever

This past week was very productive for my team. I myself got a good dose of installing, man I love that stuff. Give me an install any day of the week. So we got two jobs installed we made great progress on b67, the curved banquet is looking wonderful. I made some great progress with my new prospects. We had one meeting this week with a potential new "a" client. Job a75 has grown by one cabinet and has brought in money. this next week we should install a61 which will be very exciting to see that piece leave the shop. We have been working on it since December. I also installed the latest teak top which went very smooth and the client is happy. That is client who I said I was jealous of, because of the teak top he got, it came out just beautiful. I had a stressful moment with my finisher this week but it turned out to be some great training for him. Friday I was able to work the entire day on the newest set of shops for b67 particularly the wall of cabinets in the kitchen. I can't wait to see that come into being it I feel like it is my best work thus far. The paper plans never do the cabinets justice. there is nothing like seeing in the flesh.



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