Friday, May 9, 2008

6 jobs one day

Wew, a whirl wind of a day. i went to 6 jobs, three of them were look sees. It all strated off at a75 where I installed 8 drawers. I did it in well under the estimated time. Usually I figure on 15 mins per drawer, that is slide, under mount clips and front. I did some pre-limenary stuff at the shop to the boxes which really helped out. the drawer fronts are always different making it very hard to institute standards for attaching the fronts. Today I installed 3/4" flat panels so I was able to use drawer mounting screws. But I didn't really need them. When I mounted the drawer clips I also predrilled and put in the 1" screw that we used to actually do the attaching, and that is what turned out to be smart and innovative. it really saved time on the site. I was able to cut my install time in half today, granted i did them assembly line style but I noticed less tools being used and faster progression with just that simple step done in the shop. Let me just add here that because of the floor finishers I had to go up a ladder and in thru a window on the third floor. That took extra effort fortunately I am in good physical condition, because it was a work out.
I left there and went to Brookline to measure up for our next teak top. Then off to Weston to spend two hours installing a door and servicing some of my own cabinets.
After that out to b68 to install a drawer in a vanity that we installed not to long ago, that went really smooth I did have to do some adjusting as my prep. was done hastily. I was interrupted by a prospective client early in the morning during my prep. which is ok prospect but it did throw me for a loop several hours later.
After that I went back to c74 to install another medallion, number 145. I think that cabinet is worthy of a medallion. When I got to c74 there were some very nice compliments for me there, The cabinet did look so good. But it was the client that made it really special. They said that if they could live their life over again they would consider woodworking as a career. It reminds me of my clients in brookline where I always see books about woodworking around the house. and I wonder who is it who is studying woodworking. WOodworking is something that everyone can relate too. It is like every one had a grand dad that had a little work shop, in the basement.
I forgot something job a61 after the drawers I stopped there to see how the GC did the install. He installed that cabinet and did a great job. Ricci Bros. is the name of the contractor he runs a really great business. I have taken the most from Dave recently when it comes to dealing with people in a face to face or phone to phone type of situation. I am always learning people skills, and mostly from other people I admire.



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