Sunday, November 9, 2008

pratice day

I have a big week planned ahead. I asked my farm team to come in and a work a full week. We have a kaizen event planned for this coming week, we will do it on Saterday.
Unless someone stands up and does the kaizen event we will be further moving things around in the prep and finish area.

I was in practice all day today. I installed my own frig cabinet in my house. It was quite a job.(Today is Sunday for any of the clients who are wondering why I wasn't at their house). I had to first pull the frig, second pull the dishwasher out, remove the temporary frig panel and install the new one. What I learned and will bring with me when I work on the clients homes is exercising patience. What I do as far as installing cabinets requires great patience. Often I forget that try to take short cuts.



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