Saturday, November 8, 2008

ordinary post

This past week was pretty crazy. Our schedule is very fluid. It doesn't feel like my schedule we are actually on the clients schedule. We are trying to react to the needs of the client. For example last night Gagan and I worked till 9:30 pm. We couldn't start until 6:30 because we had wait for the admins to leave, we were working in an office building on some desks units that we installed a few weeks back.

We did accomplish most of the goals for the week. Job 89 didn't get started until Friday but that is alright.

We delivered the proto type for job 97 for examination. That went ok. The client was embarrassed because the quality was not what they expected. We delivered a proto type and we were focused on the proportions and such and the client was focused on the details and started harping about how the miters weren't sanded and the was some chips here and there. In my mind we built a proto type to analyze the process of construction.

I did some profiling this week, made three sets of knives, I am getting much better at it, but still burn the steel. It is really great that we have this capability in house, it saves a lot if time and expense. and helps us to create proprietary moldings.



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