Sunday, October 12, 2008

staff meeting

tomorrow's staff meeting. tomorrow morning we will take a look together at the goals for the week. What do we have to accomplish, what is urgent vs. what do we only need to maintain. The staff meeting hand outs also doubles as the time sheet has changed significantly over the years of use. IT started out pretty simple, it has become something very powerful. It has become the main flow of information in the shop, both inbound and outbound information. Everyone has the same goal sheet, and they are expected to have it with them at all times, so they can at a glance see who is doing what and who may need help to get their tasks done. It primarily spells out who is to do what in the upcoming six days. I am trying to change that, I don't want to have to spell out who does what on a constant basis, rather I want to spell out team goals. With the theory being that each person knows what his strengths are and also knows what is expected of them, knows what others weakness are. By knowing what the team goals are they can focus on what their contributions are to the team.

The effective work group doesn't need individual direction, but instead group goals, and the members of the group just know what needs to be done, and they help each other. So on the goal sheets and the staff meetings we are focusing more on group goals and less on individual goals. How the team is performing as a whole is what we talk about at the staff meeting.



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