Tuesday, May 18, 2010

newest employee

In the photo below Chris our newest employee examining some table legs that our customer asked us to copy. I am taking pictures so we can further examine them back at the shop, and Chris is getting a close up view. Chris has had a good idea today, he is suggesting that I post the punch-out list for job 133 in the shop. I think that i brilliant, and I did it right away. We should consider having a Kaizen event to make a place for these list where they can go and not be damaged and moved around. It makes me think of my Kaizen event over the past weekend. I bought some stack able containers from graingers and made it into a tote for carrying all the parts that I need when I am installing cabinet doors. The kit contains on type of hinge arm and four types of hinge bases for the different applications and also the screws.



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